During the winter period, some living things are sensitive to the cold. These include humans, animals and plants. Even if this being is in the house intended for it. The cold requires a few conditions for you to get the warmth you ask for. There is for example, the use of heating, the removal of any kind of blanket such as duvets. Animals also use this kind of equipment to keep warm. Like the horse, there are those who are sensitive and use the outside blanket.

The period of usefulness of the blanket

Not every horse needs that blanket. It's useful for those that are only sensitive to the cold. And it also depends on the working conditions where his companion is training him. If he works a lot then this is normal because after hard work the muscles weaken. Most of the time, the use of the blanket is during the winter. That is to say, when the temperature is really below 0°C. This outdoor horse blanket can be used to cover the horse's back in case of need. The cold period is the time when all warm clothes come out of the wardrobe. This is true for people but for animals such as horses, this is the blanket that is used.

The blankets: stable and raincoat

The first kind is reserved for horses that live in boxing. These animals are used for sports such as racing. Their movement is therefore limited. To make them comfortable in the place where they live. The advice is to use the stable cover. It will protect them from the cold first. From draughts in the boxing ring later. And finally from dampness in the floor and walls. The second one is an outside horse blanket. Those who live in the wild. This will prevent direct contact with rain and moisture. In addition, during the cold weather the hair can grow quickly. It gets dirty while working with mud. It is difficult to remove this dirt from thick hair, especially if it is wet.

Weather blankets

There are different kinds of outdoor horse rugs. It depends on the weather and the work it will do. The drying blanket that is used by horses sweating during his effort. This type of blanket will pump the sweat out quickly. It will evacuate the sweat to the outside and keep the horse warm. The work blanket or kidney blanket is especially useful for walking horses. Their use depends on the conditions in which they work. The summer blanket: it is useful for insect control. These small beasts can make life impossible for animals, especially horses.