Nowadays, horse riding is one of the sports that most French people prefer. It is a technique that consists of driving a horse under the action of man. This type of discipline can be practiced as a leisure activity or as an art. Horse riding was originally developed to facilitate various journeys, and for this reason it has a utilitarian role from a historical point of view. You also note that horseback riding has been on the Olympic Games program since the 1990s. If you are interested in this type of sport, you can train in the different riding schools that are located in the hexagon. If you want to practice this discipline, do not forget that you must have adequate equipment for riding.

If you buy western style riding pants?

If you are a rider, you should know that riding pants are not just a detail in your equipment. You have to be careful about the choice of the latter. In order to help you to practice your riding without difficulty, the shops selling riding equipment in France offer Western style riding trousers. If you like to wear cowboy boots while riding, this new style of pants is made for you, since it is quite flared at the bottom. In addition, Western style riding pants combine high quality leather for better protection.

If you opt for the English riding pants?

When you first buy your riding pants, remember that there are several things to consider. You need to buy pants that ensure ease of movement during your daily practice. By opting for English riding pants, you can feel comfortable, since in this style of pants, the fabrics are mixed to ensure maximum comfort in the leg. These British style pants are also very resistant, that's why most French riders choose these riding pants as equipment. With this type of riding trousers, you will be more free in your movements.

What about cotton riding pants?

Apart from Western style riding pants and Jodhpurs, you can also wear cotton riding pants for your training. According to studies, it seems that cotton is a material that provides real comfort. With cotton riding breeches, you will have no difficulty in caring for them as they are machine washable. If you intend to own pants that are durable, you can buy cotton riding pants. Several models of this style of pants are available at riding equipment stores.