Is hay essential on horse’s diet?

Horses in the wild generally spend 16 hours a day on pasture to eat. Hay is essential to give domestic horses the same energy intake. This diet ensures better digestion and helps breeders to increase the physical performance of their…

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Feeding your horse properly according to its age and activities

The composition of a horse’s diet is based on the following elements: grass, fodder, concentrated feed, apples, carrots, but the living conditions of a horse and its daily activities in the service of man determine its balanced ration. What then…

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How to feed your horse?

The right feed for the horse guarantees the health of the animal. It must be composed of minerals, proteins, energy, vitamins and mainly water. A few rules on the amount of food to be consumed are necessary. The ration for…

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Organic feed: where to find the essentials to feed your horse?

Horse breeding requires particular attention, especially in its nutrition. Its diet is important because its stomach is in no way similar to that of cattle. Indeed, the stomach is fragile and small, so it needs organic and well rationed food….

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