The choice of riding helmet is not to be taken lightly. It is one of the most important safety equipment to ensure that riding sessions run smoothly. This article will help you get to know the different types of riding helmets.

The helmet with fixed headband

Nowadays, designers of riding helmets are constantly producing numerous models aimed at ensuring the safety and comfort of riders of all ages and all types. It is therefore important that the choice of riding helmet is made according to the morphology, age and type of activity the user plans to practice. Helmets with a fixed head circumference are one of the most popular among professionals and horseback riding enthusiasts. The first advantage of this type of riding helmet is that it offers ideal comfort and remains very stable on the rider's head regardless of the distance to be covered and the duration of the ride. However, ventilation and ease of use are among the few weak points of this type of riding helmet. Indeed, this type of helmet is specially designed for professionals and regular riders, so children as well as beginners should not use it. The riding helmet with a fixed headband has some significant weak points.

The wheel helmet

In order to make the right choice of riding helmet, it is essential to know the particularities of wheel helmets. As its name suggests, this model of riding helmet has a knurled wheel that will allow the user to adjust the helmet to suit his head size. Specifically, the knurled helmet is available in several sizes in the S, M and L range, but the knurled wheel also allows you to adjust the width to your comfort by about 5 cm. The knurled helmet is more suitable for outdoor riding and offers a number of advantages to users. Its light weight and ventilation system allows the rider to ride a long distance in comfort. On the other hand, its level of protection is adapted to any type of user, be it an adult man or woman or even growing children.

How do you make your choice?

The choice of a riding helmet should mainly depend on the level of protection and comfort it is able to offer a rider. Thus, for optimal protection, it is advisable to choose equipment capable of absorbing and protecting against shocks. Preferably, choose models with a neck protection device to avoid different traumas due to accidents. Although safety is the most important criterion, it is also possible to protect yourself while remaining fashionable. You can therefore make your choice of riding helmet taking into account the aesthetics and trendy design of your helmet.