Riding sandals are necessary shoes for every horse-riding enthusiast, as they allow you to practice an equestrian activity with the maximum comfort and safety possible. Boots are a pleasant alternative to traditional riding boots due to their greater flexibility. Boots are not only attractive because of their practicality, but these shoes are also becoming a real fashion phenomenon among riders and ordinary people alike.

Riding boots and their practicality

Riding shoes are indispensable for most riders, as they provide better adherence to the saddle by reducing friction, preventing redness and irritation. In addition, riding boots provide better leg stability by offering the rider a better footing, which can prevent cases of falls. This type of boot is all the more useful in that it protects against the small inconveniences of horseback riding such as blows or scratches after contact with branches. Thus, they offer a safer riding practice, which is why many riders prefer the combination boots and mini-chaps instead of the traditional boots. Indeed, while traditional boots and boots have the same function, the role of the mini-chaps is to prevent the calf from rubbing against the saddle, thus providing greater protection for the rider.

The different models of boots

In order to meet the growing needs of buyers, riding boots exist in different models on the physical or virtual market. These boots differ according to the material they are made of, which has an impact on their price. For example, there are boots made of rubber or synthetic materials that are highly recommended for beginners and during rainy periods. These types of clogs have the advantage of being more flexible and therefore easier to handle, although they do not keep especially warm. There are also leather boots that are very comfortable, but are nevertheless more expensive. The latter are generally much more popular with professionals, as they are very robust.

Wearing boots and factors to consider

While it is obvious that boots are worn during an equestrian activity, it is commonly accepted that the type of sandal for riding varies depending on whether the activity is done outdoors or not. For example, for outdoor activities, more robust boots will be preferred, in this case "outdoor" boots with notched soles. The latter will obviously not be suitable for carousel activities where pairs of carousel shoes are preferred. Ultimately, boots are trendy accessories that allow the practice of an equestrian activity in a comfortable and safe way, so the key is to make the right decision when choosing the ideal pair.